Automation is a growing threat to job stability around the globe.

It is widely recognized that the rise of artificial intelligence and automation will make the production of products and the supplying of services more efficient, as computers start doing what previously took hours in minutes. Already, we can trace ~15% of recent productivity growth to the use of industrial robots. (Graetz & Michaels, 2018, p. 754) However, it is increasingly clear that the integration of these machines will result in lost jobs, as people who are getting replaced cannot get new jobs in similar fields. (Das & Hilgenstock, 2018, pp. 33–34) The confluence of these opposing forces poses huge challenges…

As international travel continues to be shut down, new strains of COVID-19 are becoming prevalent, and vaccine rollout is slow, you may be wondering, “how can I use this situation for maximum financial advantage?” I’m here to help. Just follow a few simple steps, and, with any luck, anti-money-laundering organizations will be so overwhelmed, they won’t catch you! If you want to learn more, the wonderful folks at the Financial Action Task Force have an excellent report explaining everything here in more detail.

A gloved hand uses a syringe to take out liquid from a medical container.
A gloved hand uses a syringe to take out liquid from a medical container.
Vaccine scams are prevalent, but that doesn’t mean the market is over-saturated. (Sky News, 2019)

Step 1: Use Current Events To Your Advantage

The world right now is chaotic, confusing, and sometimes…

A small amount of white fentanyl is shown next to a much larger penny.
A small amount of white fentanyl is shown next to a much larger penny.
Even that much fentanyl can kill most people. (DEA, 2018)

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t thought a lot about drugs in the past few months. However, even as the pandemic claims hundreds of thousands of lives, it is important to remember that people are still dying of other causes. Wars are still being fought, terrorist attacks are still killing, and heart attacks are still happening. One of the myriad of ways Americans succumb to death are drug overdoses. When you think of dying from taking drugs, you likely imagine shady deals on street corners. Nowadays, however, synthetic opioids are the cause of most drug-related deaths, killing over 19,000…

(HIROKO MASUIKE / AFP/ Getty Images)

We are living in a backsliding democracy. Citizens have no impact on what bills will be passed. Politicians refuse to acknowledge police brutality is systemic even as police in unmarked vans beat up and arrest peaceful protestors. The median household makes less than $50,000 dollars a year while almost half of all congresspeople are millionaires. Our President is throwing into doubt the validity of the most sacred of democratic processes, mass shootings are a common occurrence, and 150,000 people are dead from a virus that others have under control. And in the midst of this all, I find myself, for…

Anthrax Spores looked at through a powerful microscope
Anthrax Spores looked at through a powerful microscope
“Bioterrorism: The intentional release of viruses, bacteria, or other germs to cause illness or death.” -CDC

On September 18th, 2001, just one week after the attacks on The World Trade Center and the Pentagon, five letters laced with anthrax were sent to multiple news organizations. Three weeks later, two senators were sent similar packages. All in all, five people died. It took 7 years before the FBI found the perpetrator. This isn’t the scariest part however. That dubious honor goes to this statement, written in the LA Times (emphasis added):

“The FBI is increasingly convinced that the person behind the recent anthrax attacks is a lone wolf within the United States who has … laboratory equipment…

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”


As hundreds of school districts are turning to online classes for the remainder of the school year, millions of students have been introduced to an electronic blackboard and the voice of Sal Khan, founder of KhanAcademy. The educational tool provides videos and interactive tests for everything from kindergarten level math to AP Macroeconomics. Its founder, Sal Khan, has declared that education should be free, for everyone, forever. And now, advances in the internet and artificial intelligence may make that dream a reality.

A New Way

Why do schools work the way…

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